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is it normal for a toddler to sound wheezy with a cold?

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My older dd has asthma, so I cant compare. My 16 month old has a cold, runny nose, cough, etc. She sounds a bit wheezy or raspy. Is this normal?
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I don't have an answer for you, but I'm wondering the same thing about my 4 year old. It never happened to him until this past Christmas while we were in the Bahamas and then it happened again over the weekend when he was staying with Nana and PapPap in the D.C. area. Mil (Nana) says that my dh had asthma when he had colds? Not sure if that makes sense or maybe he just tended to wheeze when he had a cold. I'm interested to hear what others have to say.
Mine always does, but like your kiddo, he has respiratory issues anyway, so a cold makes him sound pretty wheezy and pleghmy. It's normal for him, but you may take him in just to check. That way, you have a baseline for normality with him, and you can stop worrying!
My DD always was a little wheezy when she had a cold and I had her checked for asthma. Funny thing is they wanted to check her when she didnt have a cold. Dr said that some kids are wheezy, phlemy and have a raspy cough that can last a while when they get colds and it can be confused with asthma. If it is really bothering her, you can take her in but they cant do much. Try a humidifier and nasal wash, thats what we do. Once she is well you can have her checked for asthma.
If it at any point it starts to sound like a "seal barking" sound, you need to contact your doctor immediately. My son had a cold/cough with wheeziness a few months back and it turned into croup which can be very serious. All turned out okay, but it was a scary and tiring week.

Hope dd gets well soon and keep an eye on how she sounds.
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