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Is it OK to have no phone contact?

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Is okay to have your business card and your website, ads etc. with no phone number? We (my husband and I) are currently in the process of getting our brand new business up and running - in the very, very beginning stages. Is it okay to have just the web address and an email contact? All we have is our home phone and I really can't be taking phone calls with three kids who are constantly screaming and fighting in the back ground anyway.
: I don't want to have to do whatever legal stuff might go along with making it a business line either. So, is this acceptable to have no contact phone number? Do any of you do this too? Thanks for any input. I'm a brand spankin' new beginner so forgive any of my ignorance.
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If you are just selling low-end "stuff" on eBAY or other internet, then no phone contact is expected and even advisable. My eBAY powerseller friends sometimes complain about the $20 customer that wants to chat on the phone with them while buying something from their web site. Personal support for this is a waste of time!

But if the product is expensive, personalized, or a service, then a phone # might be needed. One thing to keep in mind, the phone # can be used to identify your location. SO if you sell gold bricks out of your house, posting your phone # is not a good idea.

I've been in business for 3 years and have no phone listed. I couldnt possibly be available for phone calls all day with 3 active kids. So its not fair to my kids to have me have to ignore them to take calls or fair to my customers for hit and miss calls or loud children in the background. I rely on emails and a live chat feature on my website. If a customer needs to talk to me via phone they can email me first with that request.
I have a cell for a business number. There are so many forms that want a business phone, and I would much rather have that separate from my home phone. Plus, going over some requirements for labeling on the sort of thing I sell, a phone number and city/ state are actually supposed to be on the product. Also sometimes things go faster over the phone. Fabric companies in particular always seem to want to call for verification.

I am not aware of any legal issues regarding a phone being a business line. I think if you have a phone number and tell people it's your business number that's perfectly acceptable. For tax purposes, if you only use it for your business calls, then you don't have to go through your phone bills circling things all the time. You can have voice mail on a cell phone directing inquiries to your web site, and only call back on the important ones.
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Well, it's going to be an online based business selling shirts. I guess if we have to list our address and phone number on forms for filing that's fine but hopefully not for customers.

Hey, aren't you the other hermit crab person? Maybe I have it wrong but I recognized your name from somewhere and thought that might be it.
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I don't list my phone number on my business cards or web directories - I'm like you, and can't think of anything more unprofessional-sounding than hearing 3 or 4 kids fighting over something in the background while you're on a call!
I've never had any problem with not having a phone contact listed. My business is web-based, not phone-in order based. If I wanted to accept phone orders, I would list a phone number. But I don't.

So, all-web contact has worked very well for me - going on 3 years now!
We have a message line only so if customers would rather leave their credit card on voice mail they can do that rather than submitting via our secure webform.

I do NOT want to talk to customers and always try and perform all transactions via e-mail.

We've had this set-up for 10 years and haven't had a problem.
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