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is it OK to let baby nap on the floor?

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Maybe this is a goofy question...I mean why not? Just wondering if some of you nurse baby on floor after playing and then just let him or her fall asleep right there?

I guess my new mama questions about it are : what about dust? what about dirt? what about drafts?

Sometimes I laugh at myself because I bet with the second, third and fourth....children, you really stop asking these kind of ?s!!!:LOL :LOL :LOL
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I'm on my third - as long as she's out of harm's way (otherwise known as big brother), she can sleep whereever!

I little dust and dirt (in my house -labrador dustbunnies) only makes them tougher
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sorry, having to remove all posts with personal info due to an online stalker.
Sure, why not? I don't think I've ever done it inside, but a couple times I've had Lindy outside on a blanket and ended up nursing her to sleep and letting her sleep there on the ground for a while (while I watched her.)

If the floor is clean enough to play on, it should be clean enough to sleep on. I think dust and dirt are mostly pretty harmless, anyway. Of course, the floor is usually the coldest place in the house, but if your floors are chilly, you could always put a blanket over the baby.
Let sleeping babies lie, mama!
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When I put Jackson down on the floor to nurse, play, whatever, I usually put a blanket down beneath him to make sure he doesn't pick up whatever escaped my vacuum! That way I don't have to worry as much about dirt and drafts. I think its so cute when they conk out on the floor after a hard day's playing
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thanks mamas!
When the baby gets to be a toddler fighting sleep, you'll stop asking that question. I found my 3 year old asleep on the bottom step once, and I've found him on the hardwood floor or with his head hanging backwards off the couch. I figure, if he's sleeping, he must be comfortable. I don't put the baby on the floor to sleep because I worry about big brother stepping on him, not because of dust or dirt.
I let my DD sleep where ever she falls asleep. My sister has watched her 2 times and both times I have found my dd on the floor when I come to get her. That is just fine with me, she has a blankie and is safe and warm. We dont use cribs and have no play pen so the floor is the next best thing if I cant have her next to my body.

She is also my first, but I have help with my niece and nephew and other kids so I think I got all my worring out with them
I have just learned to go with the flow and it is always a better time.
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