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Is it possible to develop HELLP without pre-E?

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I have been having pain high in the upper, right quadrant of my abdomen for a few weeks now. Over the past few days, it has become rather severe. At first, I thought it was because the baby was kicking my liver or gallbladder or something. But, now the pain occurs even when she's not moving around. I have completely normal blood pressure and haven't had any protein in my urine. I have a routine prenatal appt tomorrow (I go weekly at this point), so I plan on bringing it up then. But, I'm wondering what all tests I should request being done.

I thought maybe it was an inflamed gallbladder or something, but then my sis mentioned HELLP. But, I thought that HELLP was always a complication of pre-E. So, does anyone know if it's possible to develop HELLP without pre-E, since I have no symptoms of pre-E?

I'm a little nervous that it may be HELLP, because tomorrow I'll be 34 weeks, and from what I can tell after 34 weeks they usually want to deliver you. ACK!

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as i understand it, yes. the symptoms of HELLP can show up before the signs of pre-eclampsia (high blood pressure, protein in urine, and swelling) will show up.

See here for more info. there's also a link there for symptoms of HELLP.

really hoping it isn't...
sending you peace and love...

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I know nothing about HELLP, but agree that you should bring it up at your prenatal so they can check it out.

I'm wondering if maybe baby kicked so much that you're a bit bruised in there? Hopefully that's the case! But I would definitely get it checked out, just in case.

It's scary to deliver preterm, but 34 weekers typically do VERY well, and are usually only in the NICU for a couple weeks or less. It's still a long time, I know, but not as long as it'd be if you delivered at 24 weeks (where chances of long term health problems for baby would be much higher). I had a 29 weeker, and he's 100% healthy and normal (well, as normal as my child can be
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yes it is very possible. Get checked out as soon as you can, if it is HELLP your baby *needs* to be born. read through this thread for more info

good luck

Thanks, everyone! It turns out that my gallbladder is just being pinched in between my uterus and my ribs. So, as painful as it is, it's really not a big deal medically speaking. I'm already measuring 38-39 cm, and I'm very shortwaisted. It explains why the pain has slowly intensified over a period of 2 weeks or so, and why it's worse when dd's moving around in there. Not much to be done, but it's a relief that it's nothing more serious.
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