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is it possible to have low progesterone with 2nd pregnancy but not 1st?

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My doctor mentioned low progesterone could have been the cause of my miscarriage since the baby had no chromosonal abnormalities. She said that for my next pregnancy they will bring me in early and start monitoring my progesterone levels as soon as I get a positive test.

(I know it's just a possibility, and I will probably never know the cause. I'm also having an HSP to check for uterine abnormalities, but I'm just curious about all this)

So I'm just curious, is it even possible to have low progesterone cause a miscarriage when you've had a previous successful pregnancy? I don't know much about it, so I didn't even know if that could happen. I assume it can since she mentioned it, but I was just wondering if it had happened to anyone here.

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anyone? Would this do better in the Fertility forum maybe?
Totally possible. That is what caused a miscarriage I had- my second pregnancy- in July 06. I was nursing my son(who was 14-16 months at the time) a ton at the time and the prolactin suppressed my progesterone. It's not too uncommon.
I just did progesterone cream this time and am now 30 weeks pregnant. My son is also now 2 and nurses much less.
I had 4 normal healthy pregnancies, and the 2 mc due to low progesterone.

My progesterone was suppressed because I was doing too much physical activity. (marathon training) I was also bfing a 3yo. My ds weaned, and I slowed down considerably. I am now almost 23 weeks pregnant with #5. I did take prog. supplements as a precaution during the first trimester with this pregnancy.
I have a similar situation. But I had two problem free pregnancies. They say your hormones change with every pregnancy. I am on supplements now, I am 6 weeks. I wishing you health and happiness.

mamaofsix..How many weeks did you take progesterone? I am scared to stop taking it now. But hearing your experience makes me feel a little better.
Oh wow, I didn't know nursing could cause suppression of progesterone. I am still nursing my 19 month old. I let the doctor know that at my first appointment, too.

Thanks doctor is going to be very proactive in checking my levels next time so hopefully everything will work out well for my next pregnancy!
Nursing doesn't cause a suppression of progesterone for all women....just some. If you think of your returning fertility on a spectrum its easier to picture what is going on.

For instance....once your cycles return you may not start to ovulate right away....maybe after a few cycles you ovulate, however your luteal phase is still too short to support a pregnancy(progesterone) may take some moms several months to really have your hormone levels return to normal levels once you start cycling again.

Here's a link for you

tri31~I took progesterone from 5 weeks to 12 weeks. I gradually weaned off of it at that point by taking only a 1/2 dose for a week. At around 12 weeks the placenta has taken over the job of producing progesterone. If you are concerned then ask for a blood test at 12 weeks and see what your levels are....maybe another blood test a week after stopping the supplements will help put your mind at ease. Hang in there!
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Yeah, my period just returned only a few days after I felt ovulation pain, so I'm sure my luteal phase is pretty short right now.

Thanks for all of the information!

eta: oops, I think I read that wrong. I meant my period just returned after miscarriage. I got my period back when DS was about 4 months old, so that was 15 months ago. Just wanted to clear that up because what I wrote was confusing!
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I had low progesterone for my first pregnancy but not my second. I had to get progesterone injections twice a week for my first pregnancy.
Is progesterone one of the things they measure in the standard early pregnancy blood tests? I'm wondering how pp knew it was an issue. And feeling a little worried for my next pg
: since I am nursing ds. It was not the issue in my recent m/c.
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I believe I am in starting to m/c this pregnancy my third. I have had one successful pregnancy and I m/ced in Nov. At that time they said I had low progesterone but there was something wrong with the baby at that time. I was concerned this pregnancy but my dr felt it wasn't an issue. I am really feeling that I am losing this one due to low progesterone. I am going to be more proactive for the next pregnancy about my progesterone.
I had 3 m/c after 2 normal pregnancies. My m/w figured it was low prog. so this time I am on prog suppositories and I am now at 12 wks. It is crazy how much your body can change pregnancy to pregnancy. Good luck to you!
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I know my OB runs the Beta and Progest together and most women are not told the numbers some ask and that is how I found out.

I too had two m/c first then with my third pregnancy success and my progest was 35 no supplements. Then my fourth pregnancy never asked for progest results. Must have been fine she made it.... Then lost two more but early to where progest was not checked yet. But now I am 21 wks along with baby #3 pregnancy #7 and my progest was low in the beginning so I went on progest before conception (cream) and continued once conceived and totally stopped at 12 wks and at 13 wks my progest was only 21.5. I also have played the number game with the beta count too and science does not know it all and have had low numbers and fine babies with great labor. I am not saying to not check your levels just that numbers can be so stressing and I know all our bodies are different and don't know how these "normal" ranges get set. On is another GREAT ttc board with many experinced women and I talked / read on there many times about numbers and many women have had successful preg with progest as low as 12. Interesting, huh?

;o) Angela
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