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Is it possible to increase supply this late in the game?

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I am nursing my daughter who is almost 3. I nursed my other daughter until she was 5 but I had a baby when she was 3 so there was lots of milk. I will not be having more children but I expect my youngest to want to nurse for a couple more years yet. The problem is I seem to have completely lost my milk. I have a low supply anyway because of a breast reduction but there is basically nothing. I can get a drop when I squeeze on the right breast and nothing on the left. She says there is no milk. I am assuming it has dried up due to the health problems I've been having (thyroid issues, possible autoimmune disorder) and it is breaking my heart. She still nurses a lot but I really want there to be more milk for her. Is there anything I can do? I don't want to take any herbs or anything because it might contradict with other meds I'm on. I already eat oatmeal every morning for breakfast and have recently started drinking 3 liters of water a day. I noticed the no milk thing over a month ago. Is it just a lost cause?
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Moving to BBI. You may also want to try Breastfeeding Challenges. There are some great threads there on building supply. Best of luck to you!
The first and best thing it to keep on nursing. After all it is a supply and demand kinda thing. I personally have experienced engorgement (nothing like the kind of engorgement you might have had in the early weeks!) after my 3 year old increased nursing during an illness. When she felt better and went back to her old pattern there was definitely an increase in supply for a few days.

That being said supply naturally moves toward a smaller and smaller amount. If you have gotten to a point were there is very little (not being able to express doers not mean there is nothing there) than you may never see a huge increase no matter what you do.

I also have thyroid issues. Unfortunately it can effect supply negatively. I also notice changes through out my cycle.
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Hormones overrule the usual methods of increasing supply such as nursing more, drinking/eating more, etc. When you get your thyroid back on track your milk supply should follow.
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