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Is it rude....

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So suppose you are surfing the board and you see someone reccomending a popular diapering product that you've had quality/workmansip issues with...

Lets assume it's not a one time thing but a product that you have used for a while and has fallen apart after a few washes and/or a wahm who you've ordered from several times and had to return her products multiple times for workmanship issues.

Is it rude to pipe in with your experience with that product? Is it wrong not to share your experience? Is it best to just suggest an alternative w/o stating why?
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I dont think it is rude, I think it is honest, but if they are suggesting from experiences that they have had and those experiences were good, that must mean not all the diapers fall apart all the time, LOL, so you could just say WATCH OUT
Hmmm....I think in a case like this I would be sure to leave a review for the WAHM in the review section, then in the thread where someone is recommending the product post that perhaps the reviews should be checked before making a purchase.

But no, I don't at all think it is rude to pipe in with your experience. I would definitely like to hear BOTH sides of the coin when I'm trying to decide where to spend my money!
I don't think it's rude. But I think it's received better if your statements are objective, vs someone who you says something in a way that you can feel their anger, kwim?
You could always pm the person asking if you don't want to offend....
I Pm the people I do not want them to have to have inferior products. I also usually do not go too crazy on what happened and such just that I do not suggest buying them. I have had an awful experience or two with a WAHM who seriously does not need to be making dipes.
I would prefer to know. I also hate ordering from chronic late shippers, or ones how say they have shipped, but haven't.
I would want to know too.
It's not rude at all! Prospective buyers have a right to know and I think it would be doing a disservice to them (as a previous buyer) to not share your experience (good or bad).
I always want to know the good and bad I know where to spend my money. Or in the very least only buy one of their products so I can try them out first before I buy alot and hate them, gonna say who it is...I'm dying to know!

hoosierdiapermamma...where are you from??
I live in Evansville
Here's why I like it.. because the OP (or others) can give you input on possible reasons that your experiences may not be the current. Like I know a WAHM who made a cruddy product for a while and also had a flawed design in my oppinion. This WAHM made the snaps on her snap in soakers exposed so that when the baby sat they actually sat on the backs of the snaps, not a good thing in my oppinion. I know this because I've bought used diapers from her. However, I've also bought new diapers from her and that is no longer her design, now they are hidden. So I think it's always good to bring up your experiences product wise here on the diapering board.

But here's where I caution! :LOL It's so easy when you're raving about a product to feel defensive and want to protect whatever it is you love, even if you can see the flaw the person is speaking of. There's not a lot that can be done to prevent those feelings except to carefully word your post about the flaws/problems and pepper them with smilies if you don't mind doing so.

Anyway, that's my two cents!
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I think it's good to be honest! I know I'd want to know if someone had a bad experience from a WAHM I was considering. I'd just be fair to that WAHM and also let her know you weren't happy with her product/service- give her a chance to make it up to you and improve her store.
I would want to know but it wouldn't sway me not to buy a product if I haven't bought one like it before. What works for one mama could be the opposite for the next... kwim? If it is a workmomship issue, I would also want to know and maybe details in a PM (like Jenn said, some might become defensive). ALSO.. as a WAHM I like to know because I (as well as all the other WAHMs) want nothing more than our products to be great!
That's my 2 cents
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like my stuff. It would be hard to see it out in the lights but sometimes it helps too.
When I first started asking questions on this board I got a pm about one of the WAHM. I got really worried about the order I had placed. I was appreciative at first. Then it dawned on me that I really didn't know who was behind the pm. Was it a competitor of the WAHM? So I didn't feel I could trust the pm completely. Why not post the same info. on the thread?

What I do feel I can trust is an open post on a thread. "This didn't work for me because ______________. " I think it also how you phrase it. If the post was something like, "Don't listen to that other momma that is suggesting that dipe. That dipe is awful........" Then I would get annoyed.

By the way I got my dipes from that WAHM and I did not have an issue and I was pleased with the product.

Kathleen-I got one of your dipes used right when I switched to CD. Had no idea who you were, didn't know Valor kids from a hole in the wall etc. but I swear the dipe out of the package, looked at it called my friend and said, "This is a work of art." -It was just a plain AIO not even a hyena type dipe.

On the other hand everyone has been so nice about not mentioning names of dipes on this thread and now I am just dying to know!!!!
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Originally Posted by brooklyngirl
On the other hand everyone has been so nice about not mentioning names of dipes on this thread and now I am just dying to know!!!!

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I tend to PM people but I am also pretty open about my reviews here on the board. If I had a really craptastic experience with something you are about to spend money on you can expect a PM from me. If you don't want to read it, then don't, I'm just trying to help not trying to ruin your fun, lol. Posting a review is great (expect most of the time I can't post in reviews due to technical issues) and posting things in thread is also great but sometimes you may have had a bad customer service experience and that can't be discussed here, KWIM?
I agree with MiaPia - post a review and suggest the OP check out the reviews.

OTOH, if it's a detail like how the snaps are placed, post away to the OP. (although that stuff is good in reviews, too)
I would want to know... It always helps to know the bad as well as the good...
I don't consider expressing your honest opinion to be rude, unless your criticism of said product is biased or intended to be the equivalent of namecalling. I'm sure I've done exactly what you're asking a whole bunch of times. If others want to consider that rude, it's certainly their choice but it won't particularly matter to me.

Lots of people don't have the time nor the inclination to post honest and negative reviews (and the rules here make that harder), so I think responding to a post about a product with an honest evaluation of the negative aspects of a product would be in order. You don't need to post a review to say something critical.

I find that I learn very little from many of the "raves" posted here, as they are devoid of any specifics, just lots of smilies and punctuation !!!!!!

I am a self-admitted geek, but I really like knowing about the details of the products that people like, and how it fits and functions. It really does drive me kind of bonkers when someone raves about a product based on how it looks when you take it out of the envelope. Any dipe can look good on your dining room table. It's how it looks and works on your babe that counts.

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