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I woke up the other morning with a VERY sore, VERY swollen throat. I actually thought that it might swell shut, so I went to an urgent care clinic.

The Dr. looked in my throat, and ears, and listened to my lungs
He presribed Augmentin twice daily for 10 days, and a Claritin D once a day.
He said I had a fluid build up that was causing sinusitis with a touch of pharyngitis.

Well, my nose was not running or anything before, but it is now. And my throat is BURNING. And my chest, and stomach. It just feels like I drank a gallon of very acidic OJ all day long.

Is it the medicine doing this?
I stopped taking it and did a neti pot saline/water flush.
I have to work tonight, but I hope there will be some words of advice when I get back on tonight.
Thanks mamas!
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