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Is it too hot to plant things?

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I am clueless. We just got into our house and got the yard fenced off, to keep the cows out. Now I want to plant some fruit trees and rosebushes , veggies and about 1000 other things, but it is hot and dry here already (upper 90's and will be in the 100's soon) Should I just wait till early fall? What can I plant right NOW?!
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I'm from CA, just moved to MT just a few months ago and I am about to start the same thing (we're moving into our own home next month) I have planted at this time in CA, but it works better if you get the seedlings (rather than starting seeds) from the nursery. As for trees, I'd ask the nursery people, or look in Sunset's gardening book (library would most likely have a copy) and that should tell you when to plant em. Trees are kinda pricey, so I'd wait if it said to wait.

Just my 0.02

**I'm from Santa Rosa/Sebastopol if you're curious

Good luck!
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