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is it too late to EC? ds is 4.5 months

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we tried ec briefly (for a few hours), never caught one, but after ds peed all over a couch cushion, dh was done.

i want to ec him while he is with me and hope that dh comes around.

waddya think? im totally sold on it and really wanna try again.
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IMO its never too late.. I started my dd 7.5 "late starter" approach and it's working for us.. we're ECing full time. She's in trainer pants now.. no longer needs diapers. I still use AIO for long trips just in case (I don't trust myself and letting her pee on Britax carseat cover in middle of road trip kwim? hope someone else can help you out and I can recommend "Diaper Free" book by Ingrid Bauer.. it's been handy for me.. I'm still reading it and it a lot good ideas and positions you can do with your dc.
We started at 8 months and it's awesome! Last week we had 3-six diaper days, 1-zero diaper day, and a couple of 3-diaper days. We do use diapers as backup when she's anywhere we don't want pee. She can be naked in the kitchen, bathroom. and yard. But otherwise she's in a dipe. We use aplix AIOs so that I can quickly unfasten them when needed.

Keep trying! I think from reading these boards you'll find that most moms and dads think doing EC is easier than doing diapers. 4 1/2 months is NOT too late.

Good luck! (oh, and by the way, this post was interrupted to bring my daughter to the potty to poop. It's so so much easier to dump the potty than it ever is to wipe her up!)
Of course you can try again!

With my both I only started around 4-5 month

Oh, I am sure you know it, but just because you EC - does not mean you will not have "accidents", but it's OK
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We started around 5 months, very part-time (as in we'd catch the first pee of the morning, and usually that was about it), but now at 18 mos, we catch almost every pee and every poop in the potty, DS is very good about signing potty when he has to go, and we're so happy we are doing this!

So I'd say definitely not too late! Just be sure to carry around some prefold diapers, towels, etc with you for all of the "accidents"...
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We started uor daughter, part time at 4 months, then full time at 5. She is doing SO well. I recommend using a cloth diaper with no cover. If you have the ones with snaps it is easy to remove them to put the baby on the potty, but your sofa will be spared. With no cover, you can tell when you've missed one and change the baby right away. I find that this really works for us in these early stages, because when she has no diaper at all, I tend to hover and stress her out.

I LOVE ECing. Really wish I had started sooner, just because it would have spared the baby those 4 months of being uncomfortable. But she totally gets it. It is NOT too late!
yep, ITA all of the above. how's it going now?
We try it off and on. I know, not good. I know that I should be more consistent about it, much is going on right now. (about to graduate from college, applying to grad school, homeschooling my daughter, fighting thrush. AAAAAAAAAA!!!)

But, I think for now I will focus on noticing more when he is going. I have already figured out that he is pretty dry all night and only pees in the am after his first or second nursing. So, I am just happy that the awareness (mine!) has increased. Dh is not convinced.

I keep thinking,"Short term difficulty for long term solution!"

I am prepared for accidents, or misses. not worried about it
It's going great now. She's still only 5 months old. Yesterday we went from 10 am to 9 pm with one dry diaper. I am SO thrilled, and so is the baby.
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