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Is it too late to plan a home birth?

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ACK! I said all along I wanted a home birth, but I had no support from DH. Anyways so we were going to go to the hospital/birthing center and I was ok with that.

But then I read and watched videos with DH, and he is willing to try a home water birth. I am due July 25th and don't expect to go early.

Is it too late to plan one now? I have a midwife who will attend a homebirth, my appt is tommorow.

I was just going to buy a Pool at Canadian Tire, and a waterbed kit. And the other supplies should be easy to find.

I really really feel more comforatable with this. I think getting up and driving to the hospital during labour would make me so uncomforatable! Plus my moms could both be there, and be able to keep themselves busy doing whatever!

I really really want this, am I crazy to plan it in less than a month?
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No, especially since you live in a place where your mw can help you at either place.

Go for it!
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Nope, I bet it will be the best thing you've ever done
You deserve to birth where you feel safest, strongest, most comfortable and most loved. Sounds like you know what you need and where you need it

You can do it!!!
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Not at all! Quite honestly, there is not that much to plan for -- all you really need is you and the baby.
And it sounds like you've got all kinds of support. Everything else is just gravy.
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My DH was exactly the same...but after we hired a doula (at 35 weeks), he decided he was open to the idea. I was also a nervous wreck about delivering in a hospital - my family has always had homebirths, so I don't know any other way.

We hired our midwife and I delivered two days later! How's that for luck!

It's never too late and you're not crazy. Just remember that YOU are the one giving birth, and that you need to be comfortable and secure...

Good luck!
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well we decided to go for it, my midwife is thrilled (she loves home births) and we bought an inflatable kiddie pool

I am sooo much more excited now

yay thank you so much for yuor kind words of encourgment.

(now I just have to tell my mom)
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Congrats on your decision! Keep us posted - it will be great!
Keep us posted!!

Yeah for you and your DH!

pm'ing you!
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You can totally do it! That's very fortunate that the midwife you already have will do hb. Couldn't be more perfect!
It will be too late once the baby starts descending down the birth canal--but anytime before then is JUST FINE!!

Enjoy planning your peaceful birth!!
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Dh, MIL MOM and even my dad are all cool with it


I'm so excited.

I need to get a waterbed fill/drain kit.. if I'm gonna order one from the net I should do it now, but I want to buy one locally! bleh..

Anyone have any good links I should check out? for homebirth/waterbirth?
See less See more and are both good places to visit. i got my fill and drain kit at ace hardware--don't know if they have any of those near you, but they are online. so glad to hear you're in such a great spot, birthwise. it will be wonderful
if you want to see a neat hb story, check this out:
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now I just have to tell my mom...

LEt me know how that goes will ya?! lol. Congrats on choosing your homebirth. Since you had a MW who was already willing to help you out I was going to say, it's really not too late! (as a doula i've heard about all kinds of stuff, mom's switching OB's in labor and what not, so this isn't as out there as youthink!!)

And, I'm only 5 wks pregnant, but we have to tell our parents SOME how that we're having this baby at home....if at all I guess, they all live over an hour away...So maybe they don't have to know until it's done!
My mom and MIL are very excited. My mom even offered to rent a hot tub at her house. I declined though, I really think the point is that I want to be at HOME. No moving around, no driving, no packing up.. being home is the big thing.

My MIL is really happy too, she was worried I wouldn't want her there, but I told her I would be happy to have her at the birth, maybe in the next room, who knows.

I am so glad I decided to do this. You know, even my dad seems ok with it. I think he trusts me to make in informed decision, and knows better than to debate with me about something I've decided on. LOL

I'll keep everyone posted. I have to move this weekend, so I am so busy, I hope I can get everything together and sorted out

Thanks again everyone for your support!
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