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Is it too late to start?

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My dd will be a year old in a week (
). When she was first born I had many different ideas of how things would be (her falling asleep on her own, scheduled feeding, etc) so we have never coslept. Thankfully I quickly realized my ideas weren't that great and so although she has always slept in a crib she has never been left to CIO and I always go to her as soon as she fusses. She is still up at least once a night to eat and sometimes I really wonder if it would just be easier to have her in bed with me. At this point I always rock her back to sleep. But, is it too late? Will it be a difficult adjustment with her? I'm afraid if she wakes up and sees dh and I laying there she will wake up even more and try to play. What do you think?
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I started cosleeping with dd like last month. she is 14 months old! she adusted just fine! She/I did the same thing! if she fussed i would go to her, then i moved home and got a bunch of sh*% from my fam about how i needed to stop being part of her sleep habits. What finally put me over the edge were 2 things, the fact that she was still getting up 1-2 times a night and that i startedt o put her in her bed for night time and she would scream bloody murder like i had left her at the airport! She loves it in my bed! I would rather have her there anyways.. even on nights when she doesnt sleep well i still sleep better b/c i am not actually getting out of bed and waking to comfort her. and i figure she will sleep in her own bed when she is ready! Now her crib is collecting dust and i am thinking of selling it LOL! She also doesnt get up as much anymore and goes back to sleep so much faster if she does! I think you should go for it, sounds like she needs it! Follow your gut! and good luck!

P.S. i also had lots of ideas about sleep and schedules before she was born adn she threw all that out the window!
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I think it wouldn't hurt to experiment, but you never know how this is going to go. At her age, your babe may want to stay up and play, or thrash around a lot. I was sooo committed to co-sleeping my baby. She is six months old, and I would say, it worked very well for the first 3 to 4 months. She actually slept pretty well from 3 to 5 months, and then her night waking got more frequent. At five months, she started waking 3-5 times a night, AND staying up to play with the sheets, my hair, my shirt, etc... in the middle of the night. I was always fine to nurse and go back to sleep, and thought we would co-sleep forever. BUT, this waking-to-stay-up and play or fuss all night was not happening. I am a single mom, and I work part-time. I needed some sleep after six months!!! I transitioned her to a crib at six months. Amazingly, the process was not too hard on either of us, and I didn't use any cio. She is right in my room, and wakes occasionally around midnight to nurse one last time, then sleeps 'till morning. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that some mom/baby couples prefer to not share sleep. You will have to do what works for you and be flexible.
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I began co-sleeping part-time with dd at about 18 months.

It was full time by age two.

We love it!!
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It is never too late to try anything. Stay flexible and do what works for your family at any given time. I'm always trying new things or retrying things all the time. What works one day may not work the next.
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