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Is it too soon to start making newborn diapers???

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My little sister informed me last night that she wants to use cloth diapers and I have to make her a bunch of cute ones when she has a baby.

But she's not pregnant and not even married! She doesn't plan on having kids for at least 5 years or so. Is it too early to start making her a newborn stash? Because I was dreaming of cuddly little fluff last night and I want to get started right away.

I'm getting material in the mail to make my older sister small pocket diapers for her little guy but man, plain ol' pocket dipes are BORING! I wanna make newborn fluff, darn it!
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You don't want to make them too soon because the elastic might give out by then. 5 years is a long time!
I know it's tempting, but wait for that positive pregnancy test! Within 3 weeks of my + I had already made 24 XS Very Baby fitteds for my baby. (Of course now I'm regretting making so many because I don't think they are absorbent enough and I'm trying to sell some with no luck; might need to just keep them and use doublers...) But i ramble....

You could make a couple of newborn diapers just for fun though, or to swap with someone here.
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OR, (this is what my plan was, but I may have been thwarted by my pos HPT!) makes some fitteds using leftover random stuff...and donate them to miracle diapers for practice
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