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Is kidney u/s safe if I'm one minute pregnant?

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I'm supposed to get an ultrasound on my kidney next Friday. Dh and I are ttc, and, given when I expect to be ovulating, it's theoretically possible that I'll be a day or two pregnant (so, before implantation even) on Friday. I will, of course, run this by my dr., but was wondering if you all know anything about the safety of u/s--although not of the uterus--so early in a (potential!) pregnancy.
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I imagine it is safe, some women undergoing fertility treatments are getting ultrasounds to check for different stuff around ovulation and implantation times, so since they won't even be specifically in your uterus, it seems OK to me. I mean, what else are you going to do? I suppose you could wait a few more days/weeks for the kidney ultrasound, but I don't know how urgent your specific condition is.
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