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is my marriage just odd?

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i read all the different threads and it makes me think, my dh and i are freaks.
he makes the money, i handle the money.
if i want him to do some chores.... he does them. if he needs me to do something i do it. no whining, no fighting we just help each other out, even if it means sacrificing something we really wanted to do ourselves.
we truly enjoy being married to one another. and sure.... do we have a cranky day every now and again, certianly we do. but its not often, matter of fact, its downright rare that one of us does something so stupid that the other one gets mad.
i would never have to ask his permission to go out or spend money... nor does he. we just are of the habit of telling each other, so we are able to plan our week out.
maybe it sounds corny or nerdy... but i have a hard time sleeping without him next to me.
i don't have any real reason for posting this... i just sometimes get the impression that most marriages are unhappy ones. and thats just kind of sad.
please tell me there are other blissful happy relationships out there!
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My marriage is not like yours, but that doesn't mean that we're unhappy. We fight and then make up. Absence of fighting doesn't always equal happiness, and fighting doesn't always equal unhappiness.
Our marriage is odd too then...I like odd... :LOL
I guess we are odd too! :LOL I read alot of the issues in this forum with genuine sadness for people
I wish everyone could know a deeply satisfying relationship built on mututal respect.
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We're odd too

I think in a forum like this it seems like everyone has problem marriages just because the people who post are the ones looking for support and advice, KWIM? Those of us who don't have nothing to ask about, so we begin to seem like the minority (and I kinda feel bad about "bragging" when so many people do have serious problems)
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Don't assume that just b/c people use this space to vent or work stuff out in the anonymous world of cyberspace that their marriage/relationship is sad or to be pitied. They may be happy, loved and in love, etc., but use this forum to hash stuff out or seek advice in a supportive space. I'm sure many would love to have a peaceful, conflict-free, no-whining relationship like yours. Thanks for sharing about it.

I know this sounds really snippy, but when I read your post, it seems very smug and judgemental. People struggling to deal with issues in their life generally don't need to hear that you don't have any or that you have the perfect way of dealing with them.
I don't think it's odd. I think people tend to post about their marriage, when they are having an issue, so it seems like everyone has major problems because that's all you see. I mean, I might post for advice on an argument or something so I can get a reality check on if I'm overreacting or something like that, but when everything is just going along swimmingly it doesn't occur to me to talk about it. What would I write? A post about how mundane today was? :LOL Posts titled Another Peaceful DInner. Watched A Movie Together Again, Woohoo. No Fights Today!
We posted at the same time .. that's one reason why I don't talk much about my marriage, because I don't want to give the impression that I'm being all smug and "la la la, look at us, we're perfect!" .. Which I don't think the OP was doing, either.

Is it really so bad for people to celebrate their happiness? It's not a slam on anyone else, or an attepmt to make people feel bad. It makes me feel good to see posts about happy marriages, to knwo that there are people who are realy content out there.
It's lovely to hear about a great sounding marriage...made me smile anyway.

I admit I vent a lot on here.

What I don't mention is that my h comes home from a hard day at work and takes the kids and sends me into the bath with cup of tea/glass of wine. Or sews up the huge hole my antique, discusting sheepskin slippers for me. Or comes home with two chocolate bars and a crappy mag for me, or calls me 58 million times a day to just say hi and I love you.

Yes we go throught our horrible times, but we have good ones too.

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considering the number of members on MDC and the amount of posts in this forum I wouldnt say that most members here are posting about there marriage problems...I agree with the pp that venting here doesnt equal having a horrible life with your dp...I have vented about my dh just yesterday and I'm sure my marriage sounds really horrible and sometimes it is but more than not, we are content and we have a lot of love between us, we take care of eachother and are also, both dealing with our own issues....thats life, we all have our our marriages or in other areas.
oh no! Please.... i didn't mean to sound smug or bragging.
i just do read other posts and feel sad.
i guess i have sadness in other areas of my life.. .like fertility or my childhood. i certianly don't see my life as perfect, and didn't mean to make it sound that way. NOT AT ALL!!!!

thats why i was asking.... i guess. just as a member of several boards, i guess i see read some pretty sad things. i just felt like i could say something here to get an objective presepctive. but i think you are right.... a lot of people are just venting, and that doesn't mean their marriage is unhappy, it just means that they had a bad day.
I didnt find your post smug or offensive myself.

in many ways my marriage is unhappy and we have our strengths also, I felt like I wanted to state that about my marriage given my lasts posts venting on all my dh's negatives, he does have good things about him also which I could not even see at the time.

I agree with what others said.

There is not usually a reason for me to post about all the wonderful feelings I have for my husband on a daily basis.
Mostly I just keep quiet and offer hugs to others when they are having a rough time, and know they will do the same if I am ever having one.

I dont think it would be appropriate to tack onto others' discussions about how dh doesnt help with the kids or something with " Oh that dh makes a point every single day to give me a break, even if it's just a quick one" eeep that is not me at all! Not very helpful

It is reeallyy nice to hear about all the "odd" ones though
I think we are in the majority though, news is good news
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I don't think you're odd.

Our marriage is similar, although, I do generally let dh know if I'm going shopping, or discuss with him something I want to buy. If he feels that it's too expensive at the moment, I respect that, because he is the more money-minded of the two, and I know he would agree to it if he felt he could.

And I cannot sleep if he's not there. I think a big part of my baby-insomnia has more to do with dh not being able to put his arms around me all night than with the night nursing. :LOL
Another oddball couple, here.
I've certainly had my need to vent on this board, though. Last year, dh and I went through a very rough time that nearly broke us apart. We have since done lots of work on healing our relationship and both feel we are better now than before. Like most couples, we have days where we really annoy each other. Sometimes, I use this board just to get some objective feedback on a situation. Marriage isn't always pretty, but I still feel lucky to be w/dh and building a life together.
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I have been Blessed with a happy marriage as well, we have our times that have been down a bit though, for the most part we are really just very happy together.

I do believe that most marriages are not very happy ,not necessarily here at MDC, but in general, in the US anyway. Look at the divorce rate- it's around 50% right? So- the vast majority of those divorcing are not in happy marriages, and then you take into account all of the people who are still married and very unhappy, and, well... there's not a ton of happy marriages out there.

I think that there is hope for most unhappy marriages, and that is why people post here (some of the time anyway) to get ideas on improving things, or to vent, or whatever.

There are soooo many reasons why a marriage will be on the rocks, and so many great people within those marriages.

I am rambling, just wanted to say that you are not alone, but I agree with PPs who say that most people just don't post about their blissful marriages here. We do seem to have threads every so often like this one though, or we'll get a spin off of "what I love about my dh" etc.
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rileysmommy, DO NOT apologize! you have just as much right to celebrate your successes and get a pat on the back for a job well done as anyone has to post their struggles and get support in challenging times. this place it not just for problems and complaints and "everyone else keep out." that PP sounds bitter and i hope that good things come her way to get her out of that place of feeling that your celebration of good things was a direct attack on people who are not currently experiencing that happiness.
My marriage sounds exactly like yours! (I'm in Texas too, lol) I think dh and I have as close to a perfect marriage as you can get. Sure, there are things I would like to change and I'm sure he would too but nothing major at all. He's so considerate it's unreal, he would do ANYTHING for me and I really appreciate him.

I never judge the women I see ranting here for ranting or anything else. I completely understand the need to rant and get advice and support, I do judge the partners that treat the mamas here like crap though. Sometimes I want to
them out, they make me so mad. I think all dh's should read here and learn a thing or two.
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