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Is organic cotton/velour softer than regular?

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Is organic velour or regular organic cotton softer than regular cotton?

I got my Little Fishy dipe, which is lined with organic velour... MAN. that is soooo buttery soft! It's beautiful. I'm so sad it's not a little roomier.

ANYhoo - just wondering, how does regular velour compare? I have some regular velour wipes coming to me soon, will I be disappointed after petting the Little Fishy diaper?
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I think all 100% cotton velours feel the same. Unbleached cottons tend to feel softer (like the difference between a bleached and an unbleached prefold) but I can't tell the difference when it comes to velour.
I've found regular organic cotton (like SPB's are made out of) DOES feel softer, but I haven't really noticed too much of a difference in velours, especially after a few washes. I've noticed that OV is definately more absorbant though.
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For me the appeal of OC is that how it's produced is better for the evironment.
I think that after many washings they feel the same... And I like OC fabrics for environmental reasons too! Velour is my favorite!!! Too bad it's so rare...
Most people can feel some degree of difference in softness between organic and conventional cotton. For me, with my sensitive skin, organic cotton feels *much* softer.

I can't compare velour because I've never to my knowledge touched conventional velour, and I don't care for the texture of velour, anyway.
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