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However I would still feel guilty if something bad happened to my daughter because of the way she was dressed. Sure, the blame is on the oppressor and not the victim, but is her having freedom to wear skimpy clothes really worth possible trauma or STDs or worse? Or does that come with the territory of having a daughter?
If your daughter (or any girl/woman) was sexually assaulted, it would not be because of what she was wearing. Women are assaulted in all manner of outfits and circumstances because sexual assault is not about sexual attraction but about domination and power.

Worrying about your children's safety is certainly a part of being a parent and, as the mother of girls, I am certainly conscious of the risks and statistics. I do what I can to keep them safe and empower them. Clothing choices are only a part of that in the sense of encouraging them to wear clothes which make them feel good and are suitable for the activity/weather etc.

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