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Is steam cleaning green/ chemical free?

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We're moving into a place that has some carpet. While we plan on replacing the carpet eventually, it will likely stay carpet for a year or so. What's the best way to clean it without chemicals before moving in? Are there some key words I need to use when calling steam cleaning places?
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You could do it yourself and just use water in the steamer.For the price of having a company come out you could probably buy your own steamer.If you have kids and carpet it's a really nice thing to own.I don't put any soap in mine and it works great.
I used to own my own steam cleaner, and I made my own cleaning solution to put in it. I want to buy another one eventually, it was great to have around.
If you are not up for doing it yourself, I'd call around and ask what products different cleaners use. We have a local guy who is all natural. He uses natural products to spot clean stains, then just steams to rinse and disinfect the carpet afterwards. We were a little doubtful when we first talked to him that it would be effective, but the carpet in the boys room really did come up nicely
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