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Is there a cesarean support thread?

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I had a vaginal birth with my first child, an emergency cesarean with my second and am now facing a scheduled C with my third due to an incisional hernia (which is due to my previous cesarean). I'm not happy about it and in fact just had a good cry to my dh - I think I'm finally facing the scary reality of the situation. I'd love to talk to other mamas who are big believers in natural birth and thus have struggled or are currently struggling with the idea of having a cesarean.

I could really use the support, is what I'm saying. I'm 13 weeks and would like to make this a positive birth experience no matter how my little one is born.

Thanks so much.
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There was one a while back. The search function is acting up for me right now, so I can't link to it. I'll try again in a bit.

to you!
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