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I was absolutely MORTIFIED today as my family (dh, dd-4, and ds-4 mo. and myself) drove into town to stop by the zoo, farmer's market etc. and at a MAJOR intersection that you can't go quickly through were abortion protestors. I am totally fine with people protesting abortion, but they all had MASSIVE signs with absolutely disgusting, and frightening pictures as big as my car! MY DAUGHTER SAW THESE PICTURES! I am so angry that these people didn't stop to think that little kids would see these and would recall these images in their mind during the day or at night. I can't even get the images out of my head.

In my opinion, protest goes a lot further if done respectfully and peacefully, otherwise it just gets angrier and angrier and nothing gets accomplished.

I wonder if anyone has heard of a peaceful protesting group--Right now, I'd LOVE to join one.
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