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Is there a place to rave about wahm's here? Cuz i have a rave with a picture!

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I just got Zoey a hand tiedyed dress from heather at

She loves it. The colors are great and the prices are really reasonable.

and yes, I sold my business to this dyer but now I know why - she's just great at dyeing cotton! much better then me. She can't dye silk tho

anyway, check out Zoeys dress!

the site is being reconstructed i think - but you can reach her at [email protected]

So. thats my rave!
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Love the dress! I was wondering if it was cool to post reviews here about things you've gotten from a WAHM too. Is there a special subthread or something?
Nope, sorry. This isn't the place to do this.

We have talked about setting up a general products reviews board but until we do this sort of posting is not apppropriate here.

Barb, what business did you sell to her? I see you still have advertising in your sig. Is that for something else?

Editted to add: Just wanted to clarify that this rave can be posted to a board that is appropriate for the item. My intent was that raves are not appropriate here in WAHM Well.
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