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I don't think so. Which leaves the question of how can we get lobby Washington for our right to...well mother!

We all talk about it, we all want to see changes but I for one am not doing much about it. So how do we start to lobby?

My dream, as a start:
Mother's get 1 year PAID maternity leave

Father's get three month's PAID paternity leave

Mother's get contributions to their social security accounts during the years that they stay at home

My professor told a story the other day that made me want to cry. He told the story of a friend who was of 6 brothers and sisters raised by his single SAH mother. When his mother died he went to social security to get assistance with the burial. The SS worker told him "We are sorry. Your mother never worked a day in her life!" Can you believe it? 6 kids and never worked a day

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