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Is there a quick reference guide to NIP in all the 50 States?

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If not, it would be cool to make one. We will be traveling through a few states soon, and I'd like to know where I'm legal to NIP as I please. Here in CA, I know I am protected by law and so feel comfortable hiking my shirt just about anywhere. So specifically I'm wondering about NC and VA but curious in general about other states' BFing laws.

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Try googling "breastfeeding leglislation" or "breastfeeding and the law."

And you can try

The late attorney Elizabeth Baldwin was very involved in this issue, you can search for her as well.
OMG, Momtwice...I LOVE your "location"!!!!!
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Originally Posted by Zamber
Maybe this will help:
This one's not up to date, since Kansas is now a state that allows nip anywhere mom is allowed to be, public or private
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