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We live in an apartment and I wash all my diapers

I did one wash on hot today with oxyclean (remember my red-prefolds issue? oxyclean worked, btw!) so anyway, I washed on hot, but the water was not *HOT*. It was warm. I could tell because when I threw the diapers in I could put my hands in the water and I could keep them under there. When water is really HOT I can't do that. For example, if I put my faucet water on the hottest, I can't touch it, but this water was warm, not hot. And so I'm wondering if there's anyway that I could adjust that? I'd like it to be hotter, to desinfect the diapers and kill bacteria, as well as to break in new diapers that I may be needing to wash.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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