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is there a way to shorten the pre-ovulatory phase?

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just wondering if anyone knows about this. i've started taking a b-complex vitamin to assist with fertility in general, and i have had some short luteal phases so hopefully it will help with that.

but i seem to O late in a cycle, and i'm wondering if there's any way to shorten the pre-O phase. i know that doesn't really affect fertility, but these long cycles are annoying from the ttc standpoint. i'd rather have 12 chances to try in a given year than 7 or 8, kwim?

if anyone has any ideas, let me know. apparently my google-fu skills are not up to snuff 'cause i am not finding anything useful.
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The only thing I can think of is Clomid but if you're already ovulating every month that can mess you up more than help...
well, i haven't been charting since i got pregnant with my daughter who's now 16 months old, and i am still breastfeeding, so i guess i don't KNOW if i'm Oing or not. but i'd rather not use clomid unless i knew i had to, ya know?

it would be awesome if there was a vitamin that could help with that, but i haven't found one. an idea i've seen is lunaception, which i'm gonna look more into, but i dunno if i already blew it for this cycle.

edit: okay so i can't start it this cycle, but it seems like it's worth a try for anyone else with long cycles. here is a link on how to use lunaception. for me it's not important to be synchronized with the moon, but i would love to be Oing earlier in a cycle! it'd save me on CBEFM sticks, too!

edit 2: it looks like soy isoflavones can help with this too. i'm gonna make a new thread about it, though.
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