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Is there an at-home way to induce miscarriage of a doomed pregnancy?

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I know this may look like an awfully controversial thing to ask but let me make clear that #1 this was a VERY wanted pregnancy and #2 it is certain to failed. I am >6 weeks pregnant and there is nothing but a 5w sac. My progesterone has plummeted and my betas are not where they should be. p4 started out at 18.2 and is now 12.4 2 weeks later. Betas were 1700ish and then 3600ish 2 weeks ago and are now 1200ish - should be much higher. Have not gotten results of second beta yet but everything is pointing to there being no hope.

This pregnancy was a total surprise after a year + of hoping and trying. I had three failed clomid cycles - no ovulation. We changed insurance to have fertility coverage and I booked my first RE appt. back in mid-Janurary for March 29th. I have been waiting and waiting when on March 10th I got a surprise BFP. First ultrasound showed just a sac which was not alarming, first blood work looked great. Ultrasound on March 29th showed sac which had not grown much and bloodwork looked abysmal. I had already cancelled the RE appt for that day (was pretty much forced to which sucked because I don't know why, I never had a good feeling about this pregnancy and feared this very thing happening) ... and now am back to having TTC on hold indefinately.

I feel like I need to type all that out to make it perfectly clear I am not some careless nitwit looking for a DIY abortion - I wanted this baby SO MUCH and I am devastated that it's not going to make it and that the timing has ruined my starting fertility treatments which were for so long anticipated.

I want to hurry this up.

What if anything can I take to speed this up? I am not having any bleeding or spotting and I fear retaining this thing indefinately and needing a D&C and I do not want a D&C because I fear damage that may make a future pregnancy unlikely. I have PCOS so I am already up against a lot.

I figure if anyone would know things like this it would be the people here.

And I am already pretty snippy at having come here with such a serious and heart-wrenching issue and finding the entire board messed up for April Fools. I am not laughing.
Please do not add to my sorrow by assuming I am just the aforementioned nitwit.

I will not do anything until I am absolutely positively 100% sure this isn't going to work out... but I really have no reason whatever to hope it will. I need to be prepared for the worst.

I am not looking for advice involving crochet hooks or the like, simply herbal/medicinal stuff.
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I am so sorry. If this pregnancy is not meant to be you can take False Unicorn and Lobelia. If it is a viable pregnancy, to my understanding it won't do anything. This is Dr. Christopher stuff. Take it easy and drink a lot of Red Rasberry leaf tea. Be gentle with yourself. I am not an expert in this area, but this is what I would do.
THANK YOU for your understanding answers. Who is Dr. Christopher?

I made a mistake up above - my beta was 12000something not 1200something. But 48 hours later it is 14878 so it is still going up but not nearly enough. Along with the dropped progesterone, it doesn't look good.

G-dawg, I love your sig LOL

If my 2yo could speak in longer sentences, I'm sure he'd say the same.
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Dr. Chrisopher is a highly respected herbalist. There is a college that teaches after him (School of Natural Healing) and a line of herbs from his combinations.

My dd is quite a character! As soon as she said that I knew it was the perfect sig!

Good luck to you mama!

you can use high doses of the herb yarrow.

make several quarts of tea and just keep drinking it until you start to bleed.

i can put you in touch with a master clinical herbalist if you'd like to talk to someone directly.

PM me if you want.

hugs, mama. i think you are being very brave.
to you Mama

No advice but didn't want to read without a
. Lossing a very wanted pregnancy is a very hard thing, this is a great place for support during this hard time

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Sweetie, I am so sorry

I am not nearly as educated as the pp, but I can add that aloe vera is contraindicated during pregnancy because it can cause uterus contractions. I started taking it (for an unrelated condition) as soon as I found out that my 11 1/2 week child had died and we were waiting for her to come out. My M/C started a couple of days later, possibly unrelated to taking the av juice.
I sympathize completely about not wanting a D&C. I haven't needed one for either m/c, though the second m/c was much rougher than the 1st in that my body went through a 3 hour labor to help her out. You'll want to be very vigilant about monitoring for fever and tenderness in your uterus - the latter symptom of infection is harder to monitor, since your uterus is bound to be tender and twinge-ey from the contractions and shrinking. Make sure you're extra-careful about monitoring your temperature, and certainly follow your mw advice about if you're bleeding too heavily (more than 2 pads in an hour is need to go to ER).
Good luck sweetie. My heart aches for you right now, and I hope that you can let your body and spirit heal after being so courageous.
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Mama, I am so sorry about your pg. IKWYM about the mixed up board. I was thinking to myself, what about the ladies coming here who are really hurting and need help? I'm sure they won't be amused, and neither was I. I have no clue about the herbs and stuff; I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am for you.

This is from my herb book for woman. Vit C 6000mg daily take 500mg every hour for 12 hours for up to 6 days. So sorry u r having to go thru this.
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So sorry you are going through this! It sounds terribly frustrating, as well as terribly disappointing...

A few of us were in your position of waiting to miscarry about 6 weeks ago and we had long conversations about this weird in-between period, and trying to decide what to do. If you want, check out

I ended up waiting for it to happen naturally (although I was very, very close to giving up). The other option I seriously considered was taking Cytotec (a prescription drug that induces). You could ask mw or doc about that. You take it at home, when you are ready.

I also considered herbs to induce, but didn't feel I had good local support / care for that. I did get referred to The Natural Pregnancy book by Aviva Jill Romm (a midwife and herbalist), who describes how to use blue and black cohosh for "facilitating a miscarriage." She says it will take a couple of days.

Thinking of you, and wishing you some peace and comfort in this lousy time...
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Mama. You are being so brave.

I did some research for a friend a long time ago, and remember reading that pennyroyal can induce a M/C. You should make a tea with it and drink it. I've heard you need to drink A LOT of it to get it going.

I wish I could really hug you...but, here's another virtual hug:
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I want to thank you all truly for being so supportive. I don't know why but I felt so ALONE in being in this predicament. I feel like if you are pregnant - even if you are looking at certain bad news - you are supposed to hold on until all hope is gone, until that pregnancy has left your body...

I just knew/know there is no point. There is no hope. I just want this to be over.

I thought to come here when my MIL mentioned drinking raspberry leaf tea when she was in labor and it strengthening contractions... I used to come here mostly for the diaper forum. Well I figured all that out a while back
but this was new territory.

Finding my way through all that backwards text nearly put me in tears... glad someone else saw it as a dumb trick, too. April fool's day is so... trite...

ANYWAY... I don't know if I will use any of this advice. I will look into it. I will consider it. My doctor is supposed to call me in the morning and hopefully she will and hopefully we can come up with a plan to expedite this.

Maybe she will have something to offer besides the D&C. I'd forgotten there is an abortion pill... which has, if you believe the latest news, the risk of DEATH. So I can risk my future fertility or I can risk my life. Peachy! (Or of course I can wait... and hopefully blood work or ultrasound or something can give me an idea of how long a wait I am looking at?)

I worry she WON'T have that to offer and I am considering Planned Parenthood... I see myself walking through a line of anti-choicers pelting me with insults and pictures of dead fetuses all with NO IDEA how much I don't want to be going there. Splendid.

No bleeding yet. The barest of spotting which I would never have noticed if I weren't looking. I am 7 weeks notpregnant holding on to a 5 week sac.

I am trying to comfort myself that if my body will hold on this tightly to something that is NOT a baby... surely it will hold on just as tightly to something that IS.

I am so sorry for everyone else's losses.
This is a club I never, ever wanted to belong to. I always felt like... I have PCOS, I am supposed to have trouble getting pregnant, I am supposed to be at a high risk for miscarriage, but I got pregnant with my son on birth control pills. Everything went perfect. I felt like I was going to continue to beat those odds - but I haven't.

But I also feel, even while the pain is still so raw, I can see how much it has made me grow and how much stronger it has made me, even in just the week since I have had the horrible news. It's a helluva way to gain understanding for those who have been there... but maybe it's the only way. I always thought I "knew" how badly it must hurt... but now I KNOW.

eta - maybe some day I will see some purpose in this. My mother and I have been on LOUSY terms since last June when she said I was to blame for my fertility problems due to my "lack of body fat" (at 5'4 and 145 pounds!!!) ... well I told her about the miscarriage and she was like, well what to you mean there's no baby? What do you mean there's nothing on the ultrasound? You're probably not even pregnant, why did you think you were pregnant??

I don't know why I expected any differently... well, actually, I expected her to blame me. I don't even know why I told. but she called to wish me a happy birthday - 3/30 was my b-day , great present eh? - and I told.

Maybe someday I will have a daughter or DIL in this situation and I can offer something that better resembled SUPPORT. Something good has to come of this, some day.
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Originally Posted by RunnerDuck
No bleeding yet. The barest of spotting which I would never have noticed if I weren't looking. I am 7 weeks notpregnant holding on to a 5 week sac.
Hi sweetie,
I found out on a Tuesday, via U/S, that there was no heartbeat, and that the baby looked about 3 weeks younger than she should have. I had the barest of spotting that night, and by the following Tuesday it was over. Since you're spotting, even barely, I'm guessing that it's close to begining. Mine would have went on for 4 weeks (mostly waiting), except I only knew about the last week of it

I have no experience with using pharmaceuticals to induce, but I have heard that it can be rough. However, I must say that I was not prepared for how difficult my natural m/c would be. Still, I only had second thoughts about letting it progress naturally for the 3 hours that my body was laboring. Leading up to and afterwards, I was glad that I didn't interfere. The toughest part is the wait though, I really understand it if mamas decide to hurry it along.
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My doctor finally called me back today and said I can wait or take cytotec... so I took the cytotec. I don't know why I was so certiain this option wouldn't be available. I thought about it later and realized it would be kind of silly for surgery to be the only option when there is a much less invasive alternative...

So... I hope this works and I hope it isn't too bad.

I called the infertility clinic and explained the general suckiness of my situation and asked if they could book me sooner than they usually book an initial consult - and they booked me for 4/14!!!

All things considered... things are going well.

I'd rather have my miracle baby but it wasn't meant to be so I am trying to look to the future and be hopeful.

Hopefully my son wasn't my only good egg.
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Just checking in on you Runnerduck. I am sure you have lots of good eggs! Take it easy for awhile. Cytotec is rough stuff.

It hasn't done anything yet!!! It has been 10 hours. It's supposed to be done in 12-24 and supposedly you might start to have "effects" as early as two hours...

I'm getting kind of nervous.

I took it orally, because the death scares with the abortion pill lately have to do with taking the cytotec part vaginally...

but... maybe it won't work orally??

My doctor said I could do it either way, you think she'd know, right?
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I did it orally with my first loss. It took at least 2 doses for it to start and then it only worked once I was relaxed (meaning once my daughter had gone to bed and I was relaxed and focused). I walked a lot that day and was told to do everything I would do to encourage labor.
For a comparison for my 2nd loss we did it vaginally, lower doses as I was further along and it took 7 doses, 12 hours apart for it to work.
Once it did work it turned into a full labor (which I wasn't expecting the first time)

what dose did you take?

s the waiting sucks

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I took 800mcg - 4 200mcg pills.

It's been 22 hours and nothing.

Doctor says get more at 48 hours.

I don't know why she thinks I need to wait 24 more hours... I think it's pretty sure nothing will happen.

Although - I am in a hideously bad mood, similar to before I went into labor with my son... wonder if that means anything?
I just wanted to stop by and offer huge hugs.

I cannot even imagine what you are going through I had a natural m/c within a week of finding out the baby was dead. huge huge huge hugs.
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