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My dd was born april 30th, my pp flow was light right from the begining. after 14days I would describe it as "spotting" wearing a pantyliner. spotting was present everycouple of days up until the begining of this week (week 5 post partum) and now my flow is medium red color and moderate amounts, I want it to go away, is there anything I can take?

I know that a lot of activity will increase the flow, I have 4 kids so I am not sedentary. But I did have two weeks when dd was born to do nothing but nurse and sleep (dh was home) I don't overexert myself and I sleep for two 4-5 hour periods a night. and I am not tired. I spend about half of the day sitting down (nursing, homework).
So slowing down isn't really an option, I still hadn't returned to top speed anyway. but I would like it to stop, any suggestions?
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