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Is there something like this? Cloth diaper with option of sposie inserts?

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I failed with CD with my first two kids. I have #3 coming and honestly was/am just ready to go straight sposie. I am a horrid CD-er. However, I am wondering if there is something out there that is a CD with both options of a disposable liner or washable liner? If I go ALL IN with cloth, I will crash and burn. I have learned my limits. My options are to use some just cloth and some normal sposies. But if there is a hybrid that is more eco-friendly, I would be all for it.

Anyone have info on this?
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Have you looked at the G Diaper? I don't use it, but there seem to be a lot of mamas that do.
BumGenius just came out with it's flip system, too. It's got the option of inserts that you use like a tri-folded prefold (I think there's some sort of snap or hook inside that you attach it to, though) or disposable inserts.
I did see those. I may snag a few and see how they work. I'll use my cloth when I can make it work, but would really love a valid option for a sposie that doesn't take 500 yrs to degrade.
A few actually
Gdiapers you can eaither use cloth or flushable inserts

Bumgenius flips and econobum system. or
The flip have options of an organic cotton insert or a stay dry the Econobum come with one size prefolds and there are disposable inserts aviable that are designed to fit both systems.

Grobaby a hook and loop one size system coems with options of cloth snap in sna out inserts and or biogradable disposable inserts.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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