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My first thoughts were that there's something going on for him that he doesn't know how to deal with and he's lashing out and it certainly doesn't help that his teacher & others have singled him out.

It sounds like there's been a lot for him to deal with in his short life. I would encourage you to find some outlet for his emotions. If he finds a way to work through things or channel his energy otherwise, he will probably be less inclined to hit others, no matter what they say. I would also suggest really working with him on feeling safe & secure and also find some ways to try to help boost his confidence. In my experience, people who feel really great about themselves will not care as much what anyone else says or does. I think school can be really tough for kids that don't quite "fit it" because there can be some really cruel things happen.

Maybe counselling will help, maybe other things. There may be a mentor program or someone that he might really respect that he could learn from or spend time with. I'm just throwing out ideas.

I would stay as close to him (in an attached parent kind of way) and find solutions with him. If he figures out things he's good at & uses his strengths to feel good about himself, he may be able to deal with other things a lot better.

I hope something I've said may be helpful. Peace & love to you both.
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