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A Mind at a Time by Melvin D. Levine, MD

Reading your post reminded me of the descriptions in his book of the children he knows. His premise is that as adults we are expected to find our areas of expertise and work in these fields or styles. But children in our schools are supposed to be good at everything and when they experience challenges in one or more areas, they may begin to fail in others or become frustrated and experience behavioral problems that often lead to dropping out of school or worse.

My ds is 3 and I can already see him demonstrating some incredibly wonderful things. And, there is other stuff about which he has NO interest in whatsoever.

Dr. Levine goes into detail, describing the strategies he used to help students help themselves; it was facinating.

I'm sure the experiences with his father have been difficult but children are also resilient and your love and interest in his happiness will make all the difference!

Best wishes,
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