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Is there such a thing as a dryer-friendly fleece-lined hemp AIO?

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That would be my dream diaper right now.

Where might I find one and how out of my price range would it be?
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Calico Baby has nice fleece lined hemp fitteds - not sure about her AIO's but you could check
Beccabottoms stocks AIO's like this too on Thursdays I believe. And, Calico Baby has some pretty stuff too!!
what about a quick dry aio like the ones bbh and mudpie babies makes? you can have the soakers fleece-topped. or is that not what you had in mind?
Thanks for the links! I'm eyeing the Calico Baby AIOs. By "dryer-friendly", I don't necessarily mean quick-dry, but rather something that will hold up well with multiple machine dryings. Hemp gets pretty stiff on the line. I don't mind a long drying time, though.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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