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I agree with the other ladies.. Just because someone looks big on the outside doesn't mean she has a big inner pelvis, and vice versa.. You can't judge whats on the inside by whats on the outside..... BUT you also don't know how whatever you've got is gonna work until you try it out!!
I respectfully disagree about a moma not making a baby that wouldn't fit. (with respect) I think this is a statement based on faith, not fact. I have seen some very tragic shoulder dystocia's (and other things)that can attest to the fact that a few babies are just not proportioned to fit out very well. (albeit not MANY) IN fact, many of you would be surprised to know, that the manuever that many of the "good 'ole boy doctors' use to get out 'stuck' babies, are actually taken from teachings of old midwives. I work with several OB's that swear by techniques they were taught from midwives from other countries. They in turn were taught by REALLY old midwives. This to me even shows that tricky big babies have been around for a LONG LONG time.
PS I'll even admit that those doc's I work with beam with pride when they talk about those midwives that taught them all the in's and out's of getting out a stuck baby.
PSS I also believe that the CPD that we hear about a lot, is many many more times attributed to babies position rather than size of baby itself.
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