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I whole-heartedly agree that BIRTH IS FAITH. I have the 2 c-cection stories, The history of Major petiteness and being ever reminded of it thru-out my entire life for as long as I can remember, The comments from people about how would i deliver since im so small, The assumptions from so many that my first c sec was because of my size and the babys----- no matter what I learned about physical aspects and historical misunderstandings of women and childbirth, and no matter that i tried natural and got to almost 10 cm at 36 hrs.------ I caved to the pain in the end and the underlying belief that I just couldnt do it. As I wrote those words; BIRTH IS FAITH I cried just now. My daughters middle name is Faith, I have little Faith, but I have her. I will continue to work on my Faith and Will always want another baby just to see if I can do it. but we're not having anymore.
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