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"My step-sister-in-law is pregnant again and had a c-section because the docs told her that her hips weren't wide enough to naturally deliver."

Woah. There is NO way the doctors can tell how much *any* pelvis can flex and open before labor, unless the pelvic bones are fused together. She needs a second opinion, badly!

Plantmommy, your friend's situation could certainly have been true CPD, I don't know the details so I can't say, but I just want to point out that a long labor, long second stage, little mama, and a big baby is not in itself proof of that... I've heard so many stories of little mamas with big babies, and so many stories of big mamas with little babies in which the labor and second stage were long, that I have to wonder, when I hear a situation like your friend's, whether there wasn't something about the management of the labor that was the true problem.
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