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There are four major pelvic types and you are either one of those or a combo of them. I can't remember what book it was in either Pelvic Health and childbirth or Special Delivery. Pelvic Health is a very pro-c/s book, but pg 207 spells out all I needed to know to make a VBAC happen for me.

I'm 5'8" and the doc told me that I had a c/s for CPD (essentially my hips wouldn't allow my baby to come through). It was a load of crap! He was sunnyside up and turned sideways, he didn't have a chance after they broke my water. He was 9.9.

Before I had my homebirth after 2 c/s I went to my chiropractor who had taken x-rays of my spine and hips when I first went there and asked to see them. I took pictures of the x-rays and then looked at the pictures of the 4 pelvic types in the book. I do have a combo pelvis one good and one bad for birthing, I worked very hard moving my 9.1 pounder down and out. All worth it and I could have done it with the first two, but I wasn't given the opportunity to do so (strapped in a bed on monitors and IV drips, no getting out of bed even to use the bathroom). is an excellent website. It's more than head down, they also need to be face down to move out of a narrow pelvis.

But no matter how much you try to talk someone into a VBAC, if they don't want it for themselves and truly want it, it won't happen. And when you decide you do want a VBAC after you research hospital routine procedures that prevent movement and strict time lines (hospitals have rule over doctors), you will be smart in choosing an experienced midwife to attend your homebirth.
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