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Is this a good idea?

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I'm 35 weeks and think I just lost my mucous plug....last time I went into labor the next day. I know some lose it early and it could be weeks before labor. However, we are supposed to drive 8 hours to be with my inlaws. We are planning to move near them. Is this a good idea? Should I just stay put and wait until after the baby is born to move? I really don't want to go into labor on the road or risk anything.
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I would stay put, but that's because I'm sort of a worrier like that. Ask yourself how it would be to give birth in the city near your inlaws.
I'd stay put too. But then again, I'm on the cautious side b/c its bad enough to me I have to deliver in a Hosp, I don't want to do so in a strange one.
Thanks, that is my gut feeling...I just wanted to see if I was being overly cautious.
Where were you planning to give birth?? Where you are now, or where your inlaws are?
Traveling 8 hours seems an awfully long way unless it is for a really good reason.

Take care of yourself and trust your body... good luck and blessings!

Anna Banana
Oh yeah, stay put. Most care givers will tell you not to do anything over a 2 hour drive at this point.

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