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Just a tip - These are the NZ wool soakers from Babyworld. You can order them directly from the manufacturer for a LOT less (about $8.75 US a soaker). If you buy 3 from NZ you'll save $6.61 and that's with taking shipping into consideration (and with as slow as naturalbaby tends to be you'll probably get it faster)
If you get some folks together and order over $138US ($240 NZ) shipping is free. (or you could buy some extra and put them on Ebay) Just a thought to save you some $

Here's the link:

I thought the leg holes ran kinda small, but my kids have some major chunky thighs!
And I bought mine a long time ago so they may have changed.

Also, a little OT, but I didn't care for their wraps - I got mine 3yrs ago, so they may have changed their pattern. Mine have the rough hook side of the velcro on the tummy and the soft loop side on the tabs (backwards from any velcro diaper we have in the US) and it made a mess of the cover (pulling the yarn) and scratched DS's tummy.

Edited to add: I love
their wool leggings! great for winter - jammies and soaker all in one! Wish they made them in my size for playing in the snow!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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