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This may be long, I do apologize..<br><br>
My son arrived a high needs baby.. he spent much of his first 18 months crying and hardly sleeping. As a brand new parent, I really didn't know what to make of it all. It was a very difficult period of time for our family..nothing like I had read about or expected..<br><br>
We struggled through babyhood, and yes.. it was a struggle.. my high needs infant transformed into a high needs, very active toddler and preschooler. I spent nearly every moment of time trying to stay a half step behind him to prevent accidents or incidents... He had no sense of fear.. would climb anything... had no idea what "gentle" meant. At our lowest point, we could not leave the house.. it was too exhausting.. between the tantrums, the meltdowns or just the altercations between my son and other children.. it was just not worth it to leave the house... and for the most part, we were not welcome many places.. my son was quickly labeled the bully of the group.. the kid who grabbed, pushed, hit, had meltdowns...<br><br>
Around age 3, it was suggested that he had Sensory Processing Disorder. Much of his behavior made sense in light of this and we began therapy for it. Therapy, time and maturity helped him so much and also gave us coping strategies to help him..<br><br>
Around this time the words ADHD started coming up too.. but I felt strongly that it was way too early to diagnose something like that, and I think that much of me really just didn't want to hear those words...<br><br>
Around age 4, we received a diagnosis of Anxiety Disorder to add to our growing list.. and also began seeing a biomedical Dr to try and help him without medication.<br>
He was placed on a yeast regime and spent a year taking supplements and powdered nysatin to treat his systemic yeast. We also looked at food allergies/sensitivities, modified his diet, saw a chiro regularly<br><br>
Initially (the first year) the change was dramatic..while not "perfect" things were much easier.. Then he started Kindergarten, we added a sibling into the mix.. and things have gone steadily downhil..<br><br>
backtracking slightly..<br>
He went to a special needs preschool who worked with him and provided therapy.. he needed a 1:1 to funciton in the classroom because he had such social problems.. social interactions, anger, frustration, attention... When he aged out and into public school he was placed in a 1:12:1 classroom and eventually assigned a shared 1:1 which soon moved to a dedicated 1:1 for the same issues..<br>
He went through 3 teachers in 1/2 the school year due to staffing problems.. which was a disaster for him.. he felt he had caused the teachers to leave.. his anxiety became all consuming...and the final teacher decided he was just plain old trouble and treated him like he was..<br>
First grade saw a light at the end of the tunnel as he was placed, with his 1:1 in a 1:12:1 with a wonderful teacher.. and then 1/2 year into the school year she left.. and while her replacement was kind.. she had no experience.. and he had her (this new teacher ) again the next year for 2nd grade.<br>
By now he is bored to death..nearly all the other children in his classroom are functioning severely below grade/age level. DS is extremely bright.. and it's not just his mother saying that.. We had him take 12 weeks of intensive psychological testing and he is, to quote "scary smart" the therapist stated.. She also said that he has PDD with ADHD symptoms..<br><br>
So he starts acting out more and more at school.. we try to get him mainstreamed for math and reading.. hoping that this will challenge him and also give him a wider range of appropriate role models. At every turn we are met with refusals and resistance..<br><br>
We finally pulled him from school mid year second grade and homeschool.. after they placed him in a day treatment program and he nearly went out of his mind with boredom and anxiety...<br><br>
We have seen a psychiatrist amid all this too.. we have tried various anti anxiety medications but he responds very strongly and negatively to them.. Zoloft made him so hyper active that his "normal" looked calm... it also gave him night terrors... Welbutirn didnt' seem to do anything to help and disrupted his sleep so that he was exhausted and also made him very irritable and angry..<br><br>
Since we homeshcool, things are better.. the stress of going to school is gone.. I am very aware of socialization and all the children participate in many outside social activities.. some team, some group (karate, soccer, 4H etc)<br><br>
But he still struggles... I never feel I can place him in a social group and expect it to go well.. Here are some things that I see consistently... but nothing happens all the time.. every day.. day in day out.. he is like a roller coaster..<br><br>
he can be very impulsive.. he does not call out answers but he has trouble keeping his hands to himself etc.<br><br>
there are days where he can't focus on anything.. and yet other days where he is very focused.. and it might not even be something he really is into. Sure, he can focus on his legos or video games without a problem (he does not hyper focus either) but things like karate forms.. he can focus on them.. or finishing his math assignment.. not always.. but much of the time.<br><br>
He has a huge problem falling asleep at night.. often taking to 11 or 12 to fall asleep.. he does not watch tv before bed and hardly gets any screen time of any form during the week..we have tried supplements and while they may help at first.. they dont' help for long.<br><br>
He has to pee all the time.. all medical conditions have been ruled out.. Dr feels that when he feels anxious he gets hyper sensitive to his need to go and has developed a cycle of now training his bladder to be small.. and having to go often..<br><br>
He can be very stubborn and talk back.. but other times be very cooperative and helpful and respectful.<br><br>
He is very eager to please.. not obstinate or mean.. I don't feel he has ODD.. He loves other children but finds it hard to fit in socially...he is empathetic and gentle with small children and others and animals.<br><br>
At his 9 year appointment today ADHD came up again.. it seems to come up often.. and I wonder.. am I just being stubborn and blind about this....?? The Dr suggested we look into Strattera or Intuniv<br><br>
I just dont' know.. medication scares me.. we have tried so many things to avoid it.. to help him without it.. but we are still struggling.. Life isnt' awful.. but it isn't great either.. am I short changing things for him...??<br><br>
well.. if you made it this far and actually could follow all that i was trying to get down.. thanks...

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Given the list of symptoms, I would at least look into ADHD as a possibility. Your description sounds a lot like the son of a friend of mine. Really bright, anxious, sensory issues. He also has severe ADHD and doesn't do well in a classroom environment. Unfortunately, he has one of the types of ADHD that doesn't respond to the typical meds. ("Ring of Fire" ADHD).<br><br>
They've done a lot of behavioral work, short term meds, and they continue to homeschool. But knowing his diagnosis has at least helped them with figuring out what approaches work best.
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