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Is this enough?

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I am getting ready to attempt round 3 of perfecting the CD for my DD!! She is a heavy wetter and I wanted to get you opinions on the fabric I am going to use. I have 2 mil PUL for the outer layer, for the inside I was thinking 3 layers of diaper flannel and 3 layers of hemp jersey, for the layer next to her skin, I am using bamboo knit. I am planning on putting 3 layers of terry knit in the soaker area. I am going to make a doubler out of 1 layer sherpa, 2 layers hemp jersey and the top layer will be bamboo knit. Does this sound hefty?

Also, for the middle layers would you alternate the hemp jersey and diaper flannel or keep the layers of the same fabric together? Would you put the flannel next to the knit or PUL?

Thanks for all your help!!! I just want to finally make one that is going to withstand her wetting!

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Wow, 7 layers just for the body area? That sounds extremely hefty to me. If I were you I would just use the layers flannel and layer of bamboo next to the skin for the body. The rest sounds good. I would drop out the 3 layers of hemp jersey in the body and use that for soaker pads. . .
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