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Is this enough?

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I went back to work this week and 10.5 month old DD has refused to take a bottle of BM from anyone. She has on occasion had bottles before without incident but now she cries when she sees one.
If I am still nursing her 6-8 times from the time I get home to the time I leave for work the next morning- do you think she is getting enough BM? She does not appear to be hungry or too sad while I am gone and will eat a bit of solids throughout the day.
Any thoughts?
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I think so. She is smart and waiting on her mama. I would throw out the bottles and use a sippy cup at daycare with expressed milk. Advent has some that are easy to drink from with very soft spouts. The ones with a vacuum may be hard for her to learn how to use. Then they can offer solids every few hours as needed. When you come home let her nurse all she wants, co-sleep and nurse through the night too. At her age if you sleep topless she can latch on as needed and never bother you too much. On the weekends or days off nurse round the clock. If you don't pump or express much at work then you can give that up too. I would just hand express for comfort at work and eventually your breasts should adjust.
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