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Is this Mastitis?

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I think I have mastitis.. but I am not certain. On Sunday I began the day feeling rather yukky.. kinda like whne you are ready to get a cold. Then later on during the day we took a long drive and DS skipped a meal on my left side so I got engorged. After I was like hard as a rock, I remembered that i have a pump! so I pumped it out. Then Sunday night my boob felt bruised on the underside. OUCH! Then Monday there was a ton of pain during let-down, sore boob, and still felt yukky. Thenlast night fever 100, down to 99 with tylenol and now normal with ibuprofen but I still feel yukky and achey and my boob has redness on it. Midwife s out today.. so seeing the OB at 3:45...

Does it sound like mastits?
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If there is a lumpy painful hard red area on your breast, and that nursing is painful, it very well could be.

I had two bouts of mastitis over my nursing years (been bfing for the past 6 years 3months). One bout needed antibiotics because my fever was not letting down and the redness/pain was getting worse. The second bout I managed to fight it off by pumping after the baby was done to completely empty the breast, hot compresses and showers, and lots of rest.

The best thing to do is to continue nursing even thought it is painful with mastitis, you have to empty the affected area. Take a hot shower before and massage the area. Advil will help with the fever and helps reduce inflamation. Get lots of rest and breastfeed some more. If nothing seems to help, antibiotics might be necessary.

I hope you feel better soon.
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