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is this normal for chiro care?

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today was my first adjustment.

left hip pain is completely gone, lower back pain is about the same, headache completely gone, but i now have pain in my mid to upper back that i didn't have before getting adjusted....

what is the deal?
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It could be normal. Give it a day or two. Sometimes it takes a bit for things to settle after an adjustment. If you are still in discomfort, it won't hurt to call and ask about it.
If you were making some weird compensations, moving and sitting in odd ways because you hurt, I think your muscles could just need to relax for a day or two. I've had a couple injuries that hurt so much that I started walking or even sitting in weird ways and putting a lot of stress on nearby parts of my body. It took a while to get all of me back to normal (chiro visits or not).
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