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Is this normal post partum pain?

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I am 2 1/2 weeks PP and several times along the way I have experienced discomfort in my vaginal area to the point that I need to sit down. Sitting down seems to lessen the pain I feel. The only way I know how describe what I am feeling is: it feels like a painful contraction but without abdominal and back tightenings. I never experienced this with my first child. I talked to my mom about it to see what she thinks and she doesn't think that it sounds normal. She has had 6 children and used to be an OB nurse. Anyone have any insight? Should I see my doctor?
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I haven't experienced that. Did you have any tearing or stitches?
I consented to an episiotomy and yes I had stitches then. Everything in that area looks like it has healed well though and, the area of pain is in front of my perinium.
I wonder if you could've had an internal tear that wasn't visible to the doctor. It wouldn't hurt to get checked out!
That could be possible because I had an incredibly fast labor and delivery. The doctor arrived only 4 minutes before dd was born. I tried to hold back my pushes before hand in order to give my body time to stretch but it was near impossible.

This is more info than I wanted to share but I also feel like the odor down yonder isn't what it should be. It's rather gross. If there was an unnoticed tear I am guessing that it could contribute to the tear.
An unpleasant smell could be indicative of an infection. See a Dr asap!
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