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Is this normal third trimester nausea/discomfort?

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I've never gotten this far (31 weeks) in a "normal and healthy" pregnancy - so I am unclear as to what is normal versus something I should call my doctor about.

Little background: I've been diagnosed with PIH this pregnancy (preg-induced hypertension) and I'm on meds for that. I have a history HELLP syndrome in previous pregnancy.'

Sooooo.... I woke up in the middle of the night last night with extreme nausea. I didn't eat anything weird or do anything unusual. In addition to the close-to-vomiting feeling, I had a band of discomfort around my upper abdomen and mid-back. This band felt crampy/gassy/uncomfortable. I do have a bit of fullness in my upper right quadrant, but not like when I had HELLP previously and this area felt painful. It doesn't feel painful right now, just 'full'.

So I've been up all night with this discomfort. A shower didn't help, eating didn't help. My blood pressure was 154/97 - which I know is high for most, but my doctor said my "call-in" number is 160/100 - so I'm not quite there yet.

So... does this sort of nausea and discomfort sound familiar to anyone? Is this typical (or normal) for the third trimester?

BTW... baby seems to be moving fine, no bleeding, no contractions.

Thanks in advance for sharing your opinions and/or experiences!!
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Doesn't sound normal for me. My CNM always says to call if I get upper abdominal pain. (that was during a time when we were keeping an eye on my blood pressure.) One time I did have some trapped gas, and I believe it moved up to that area. It went away with some Gas-X, but I knew it was gas because I was burpy and sort of felt the tension moving down. ...and I had a plate of brussel sprouts for dinner that night. I haven't had any nausea past 15 weeks, but I think some get it in the third tri too.

I would call my doctor if I were you, since you're so close to your call in number, with additional symptoms.

Keep us posted.
I think with your history (I'm a pre-e survivor myself, so I know a lot of the "drill", so to speak), I'd be calling. The sudden onset nausea + upper abdominal discomfort sets off some warning bells. If you've ever read women describe their URQ pain, they're all different--even those who've had multiple bouts of HELLP or liver involvement in pre-e have felt it differently each time.

It NEVER hurts to go in, get checked, and have some labs run. Better safe than sorry! Good luck.
I agree w/ PP; get checked..asap. Sounds like your PIH has advanced.
I agree--get it checked out. I hope everything will be ok.
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