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Is This Normal??

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this is my first pregnancy, and i'm 23 weeks along. for the past three whole days, all day and all night, my son has been moving non-stop, i cant even sleep at night..he hasnt stopped! hes moving right now. is this normal for him to be moving this much?? thank you to everyone that can give me answers..
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Personally, I would be so happy that the baby is moving. Nothing worse than the baby not moving and a trip to the ER...

Man this computer is moving just way too slow, and it double posted...
I think it's very normal. They get active around that time and as long as he's moving - everything should be good. I've never heard anything about problems with an overactive fetus.
it is very normal! ds#1 moved almost constantly. it was sooo reassuring. of course now he still doesn't stop moving but one thing at a time eh? :p
I am due the day after you with my 2nd. The baby isn't moving constantly, but it is definately a lot. I feel a series of movements probably every 10 minutes. From what I understand, around now until about the 28th week is when movement is felt the most. After that, the baby's quarters get more cramped so often there is a drop in fetal movement. This is what I have been told anyways. I have never been told that an overactive baby is anything to be concerned about. I have heard that if the movement seems frantic after the 30th week (or sometime around there) to go to the hospital, though.
I would say its normal...
you feel the most movements right now.
Mine moves pretty much everytime I sit still longer than 10 min. for the past 2 wks & I am 25 wks!
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