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Is this normal??

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Hi, I have been BFing my son for 10 months now, and sometimes the feeling of breastfeeding really bothers me, sometimes it seems like I am getting aroused even!! It is very disturbung and I get angry and frustrated at my little boy
Sometimes it is just irritating, and then I get well.....irritated. Is this normal? Has this happened to anybody else? I really don't want to ruin this beautiful bonding experience, but I seriously just cant take feeling that way.
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15 views and no reply? Does that mean this is abnormal?
I don't really have any advice, but I believe this is addressed in Mothering Your Nursing Toddler. While I know your babe isn't a toddler quite yet, it might be worth reading. It's an LLL book, so you could probably borrow it from a local group.

Take care!!
Thanks- I'll have to get that book!
I am pretty sure you are not the only woman going through this or something similar. I am not aroused in any "sexual" sense from bf'd but I am comforted by the fact I can nourish my baby by simply bf'd. I enjoy it, it's not a chore or inconvience I love this time I have with my dd. If it was meant to be painful or uncomfortable, it would be. Maybe other ppl just don't know how to answer your question. I wouldnt worry if I were you....from the concern you are showing through this post I truly believe you love your son and I'm sure you would never endanger, take advantage or abuse him in any way...take care
I viewed but didn't respond because I don't have too much time, but just wanted to let you know I think this is pretty normal--maybe not common, but normal. The hormones that regulate nursing and letdown are closely tied to the ones that manage arousal and sexual feelings. I believe some moms even have letdown when they're aroused or during sex, particularly early on. Also, I noticed I began to feel frustrated nursing my first around when my period came back (12-14 months or so), and then at certain points in my cycle each month after that. Personally, I believe very strongly in listening to my body. Maybe yours is trying to tell you it's preparing itself to grow another baby. I'm not saying you should listen and go get PG, though
Only that your body is making some changes, maybe?

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Have you gotten your period back? Many women find that nursing right before their period can be downright irritating.

I would also check his latch and make sure that it hasn't changed or isn't irritating. If it's really irritating, latch him off and back on again and see if that makes a difference. Distract yourself with the computer, TV, or a book or talking on the phone to a friend to see if that helps.

Nursing can get really annoying sometimes! It's not always bliss and roses, and that's OK. If it gets too horrible you can limit his time at the breast - whatever it takes to make you OK with continuing! Sometimes giving yourself permission to end a nursing session if it's getting on your last nerve is what you need to put things in perspective and give yourself enough of a break that you don't feel like just walking away forever in frustration.
All sorts of emotions are normal during breastfeeding, sexual arousal among them. There's nothing wrong with you, you aren't sexually interested in your child, it's just a mix of hormones. You should consider contacting a La Leche League leader to talk about these feelings. They're quite normal, quite common, and you will feel better to have someone knowledgeable and experienced to talk all this through.
I agree, EarthieMama, I think it's normal, even if it's not necessarily that common. It didn't happen to me but when nursing one of my children, I would immediately get the most calming happy content feeling. If I was stressed or busy or unhappy or tired or angry, and it came time to nurse, all those negative feelings would just go away in a happy cloud, just float away. When my child weaned, I was afraid that I wouldn't know what to do to calm both myself AND my child down when we were upset! I quickly figured it out, though.

I've even read a book about a woman who had at-home natural births and had an orgasm during one of them! The others were simply not painful and felt quite nice. Again, I'm sure that is very uncommon, but not abnormal.
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