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Is this normal?!?

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This is my second pregnancy and the last time I didn't start to get sick, feel miserable or anything until close to 6 weeks.......I'm barely 4 weeks pregnant and I am miserable!! My back hurts, I'm hot, I'm nauseus off and on, I'm tired and my stomach is bloated and tender. Ugh! Is it normal to feel worse sooner with the second? I know that all pregnancies are different, I just wasn't expecting all of this so soon!
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Oh yes. It all sounds normal to me, unfortunately!

Pamper yourself, have a warm bath, watch some sappy movies and get lots of rest. Hopefully you'll feel more like yourself within a few weeks
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Oh, darn! I was afraid someone would say to take a bath and hope for a better day tomorrow!
Sounds just like me. I flipped the AC on high and I've been having m/s since 6 DPO, but I had Hyperemesis with DD. Just keep telling yourself that all these pregnancy signs mean that the babe is here to stay!
Yep! It's pretty much anything goes & things will be different with each pg, pretty much. I'm fortunate enough to be in the not sick at all camp so far & really hoping it stays that way!

Feel better, momma!! ((()))

You said it best yourself, every pregnancy is different. I hope you are feeling better tomorrow.
Ugh! I'm feeling slight better this morning, but I knew that would probably be the answer!
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