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Is this normal?

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Is it normal to leak urine during pregnancy? I'm not talking about a drip or two when you cough or sneeze...more like a pretty good trickle out of no where when you stand up or sit down(it only happens maybe every few days to once a week). It doesn't continue or anything, but it's enough to make me have to change panties or wear a panty liner. This is my 2nd pregnancy and I'm 36 wks. I've read that it is normal to leak urine, but wanted to find out if any of you other mamas are experiencing this.
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It isn't unusual to leak urine like that, but if you haven't already let your midwife or doctor know. There are non-surgical things that can be done to help, and since it can continue after pregnancy it won't hurt to ask.
I think it's pretty normal. I have been doing kegel exercises, but for a month or two I have been leaking a little, too. It's not like I can't hold it in, but more like I don't even feel it until it comes out. I figured it was the relaxin!
Let your doctor or midwife know so they can be certain it isn't amniotic fluid. I had the same thing happen to me with my 4yr old and it only did it when I sat, stood up, sneezed and coughed as well. They said Noah's head was so low he was basically a cork but sudden moves also moved his head enough to let some out. They watched it closely and I was induced at 38wks due to dangerously low amniotic fluid. I had a friend experience the same sensation and she was checked and it was her urine, so it really depends. But to be on the safe side, have it checked ASAP. There is a test they can run on the fluid to see if it is indeed urine or amniotic fluid. I had to put a non-deoderant panty liner on and then take it in and they used that to test, then followed by an U/S to check the fluid level since mine was positive.
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