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is this normal?

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ok I was reading about normal tempture and I wanted to say Emily and Lauren were both 36.9 SO I add on half a degree becuase it is under the arm so 37.4 SO that is 99.3 My queston is that was when they were normal and NO fever. Emily wasn't running around and Lauren hadn't just been active. I took mine at the same time and I was only 36.0 so add on half and that is 36.5 so my tempture thing is not broken.
SO could my kids just have normal warmer bodies? I have taken there temp before as well when they were healthy and it has been around 99
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all of my helath care proveiders...naturopaths, chiropracters, and pediatricians, seem to think that babies and toddlers can often just run a little warmer than us adults. toby always seemed to hover at around 99 when he was a baby, too...I haven't taken his temperature at all this year so I couldn't give you an update.

They are such tiny beings with so much energy that it makes sense to me that they "should" run warmer.

This does NOT mean that they need cooler clothing, though! I still dress Toby a little warmer than I dress myself.
My body temp is lower than normal, so I can certainly see that a person could run a bit higher than normal. It is really frustrating at times for me because if my temp is "normal" by the standard normal temp, it means I have a low grade fever...made it a real pain for my mom to always have to explain to drs. and such.
My body temp ran about 99.3 F until I hit puberty. I had a very active metabolism, and ate enough for 5 kids but was still very very small & skinny. *sigh* What happened?!? :LOL
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