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Is this ok??

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I am taking my son off of the bottle. For those of you that are not familiar with my story, I relactated at 9 weeks, he self weaned at 10 months. He had supplemented with a bottle the whole time. Well, I am tired of looking at that bottle. He is 16 months old. It's time for it to go. So, today I throw it away. Well tonight when it was time to go to be, I gave him a sippy cup and told him no bottle. Well, he was trying to suck on the sippy cup, but didn't want to actally drink. He just wanted to suck. So, inspiration hit and I offered him a boob. Well he took it all right...and now I am sporting 4 1/2 teeth marks on my nipple. Should I take that as I sign that I am simply not going to get this little guy back to the breast or should I start trying again? What would you guys do? I AM throwing that bottle away and I refuse to give him a other than those things...what would you suggest?
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Well, I don't think that there is anything wrong with offering a breast (although it sounds like it might be painful). It would be wonderful if he would take to the breast and use you to pacify.

However, with all due respect that I feel for you and all you accomplished by relactating (you are amazing BTW):

I do disagree with the reason you took away the bottle. I switched to bottlefeeding my dd (because of breastfeeding problems) and everytime I saw that DAMN bottle, I mourned. I got angry. But she needed to suck. I wouldn't take away a bottle anymore than I would take away a breast. My dd self-weaned from the bottle at around 2 1/2 during the day and about 4 for the last bottle of the night. I know that you don't want a suggestion for giving back the bottle, so I won't say it.

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